Question time...

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we are asked.


How much will it cost?


The Answer is.. Less than you think.

As everybody has different requirements, we can't give you a quote here. It depends on what needs doing, This is why we visit for a quote, we talk to you, listening to your needs, look at your garden and give our advice with a no obligation quote for the work.


Which areas do we cover?


We are centered around Bromley and regularly have work between Chelsfield, Croydon and Beckenham so give us a call and we'll see what we can do.


I'm a  busy person and the Garden is out of control, do you do one off visits?


Most certainly! We understand that people don't always have the time to garden and before you know it you've a Jungle..  Thats where we come in.


I've moved into a new house and the garden is overgrown, can you clear it?


In a nutshell, yes! No matter what the size, Large or small we are the ones to call.

We can even paint your shed, refelt the roof, prune that tree or lay a new lawn for you!


Are we "Proper" Gardeners?

Absolutely, we are not just hard workers, we know our stuff when it comes to plants and gardening.

We dispose of waste responsibly and are registered waste carriers: (Reg' number CBDL173750)